NMLC Bi-Annual Handbag Event

  1. Has anyone ever gone to one of these at NMLC? I had a SA tell me about it the other day. If you've gone, can you tell me if it was worth it? How crowded was it? Anything you can tell me would be apprectiated.:yes:
  2. i wanna know too, when is it?
  3. From the website: This is for the Dallas, TX Last Call
    I didn't check other locations

    Save the Date
    Shoe & Handbag New Arrival!
    Beginning Wednesday, October 24, join us for our best-ever Shoe and Handbag New Arrival. You'll find fabulous pieces from your favorite designers marked as much as 65% off original Neiman Marcus prices! Hurry in to get that must-have bag and fabulous for fall shoe! Don't miss it!
  4. they are doing the pre sale right now starting on friday october 19 and the actual sale is on october 24. i went to one before they do have some good deal but some are not that great
  5. Can you get the same prices if you shop the presale? Was there a line before the store opened? When will they put the stuff out? Sorry if too many questions!! Just thought you might know. The salesman really made it sound awesome;), of course!!
  6. I went to the one in the spring and was a little disappointed. The prices were okay, but didn't seem any better than the regular Last Call prices. They had bags and shoe from many designers, but for the most part they were the older, less desirable styles. I guess it depends on what you are looking for though.

    I did notice a few eBay resellers at the pre-sale. They were grabbing up a lot of stuff.
  7. I don't think that it's that great--I do better during the Clearance sales online after Christmas

  8. The prices are not super great. There is no line. The prices for presale is the same. you have to be a neiman card holder to attend the presale event. Presale is just another way to give you an opportunity to have first pick at the stuffs before they put out to sale floor to sell to the public. Others are right about the prices. they are not great. The best price I ever saw from neiman was the four day sale. I think the after christmas sale is better.:yes:
  9. Thanks, everyone! I guess I'll go and see anyway. There are some big stores I can visit and hopefully get to see some bags I've never seen IRL if the sales a bust!
  10. I went to the one last year at this time and they had a ton of Chanels (when they discontinued the Cambon line) They were marked really down. I didn't get anything and then I went back and they were all gone. I was so mad for not buying earlier.
  11. Is this just an in person event, or is it on line too?
  12. Does anyone know if there will be any good deals for purses at the san diego one in cali? iv never been there but its kind of a long drive so i want know if it is worth it? thanks!
  13. The sale is at the Neimans Last Call Store only.
  14. I decided to try the pre-sale again. I was there at opening time and there were probably about 15-20 other women waiting in line. The first few in line were absolutely adamant about getting in first, though there was really no need to get upset since there were so few people.

    They had Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Chloe, Dior, Gucci, Tod's, D&G, Kooba, and several others I'm forgetting. You have to pick up anything you are interested in or someone else will. I suspect the women putting 6 or more purses in their pre-sale bag probably won't really buy them all when it comes time to pay next week and a lot of these impulsive purchases will be put back on the floor.

    Many of the bags are the older or less popular styles. They only allow you to buy one bag from each designer. The prices are not spectacular, but worth it if you really want a particular bag. Hope this helps!
  15. I just went to my local LC and was completely underwhelmed by the selection of both shoes and handbags. I saw a lot of Isabella Fiore and Cole Haan handbags, and Prada, Manolo, and Stuart Weitzman shoes. I wouldn't consider any of them a bargain, except for a few Repetto ballet flats for $70 or $80.

    The only Chanels I saw were the ballet flats with the black cap toe and clear plastic body - yuck. The air vent holes were in the CC shape!

    My store also had signs up saying that purchases of 3 or more bags would be nonreturnable - probably to deter those eBay resellers!