Nmlc - Allen Tx

  1. Hi Chloe girls!

    I just got home from my trip to Dallas. I just wanted to tell you of a few things I saw while I was there. I was in Allen on Friday, so I don't know how much sold since then.

    I'm not sure on pricing, so you'll need to ask to be sure.(these prices are prediscount)

    I saw

    Ava - don't know the name it was a "tan" color and HUGE
    whomever said this leather is TDF is soo right!
    sticker was @$1100 -20% presale -5% using NM card

    Ava shoulder bag - don't know the name/ color "tan"
    $700 something -20% -5%

    Ediths - several styles including
    1 small white tote (around $700) -20% -5%
    muscade bowler
    chocolate regular
    tall "tote" in black
    "squatty" satchel in whiskey(?) - I've not seen this style before

    Paddington Hobo -
    green "hobo" $1050 -20% -5%

    Denim bag (around %450) -20% -5%

    Black Tekla (don't know price)

    Tracy in all white / Tracy in solid whiskey

    some other bag I'd never seen before

    If you can go, you really should check it out. There were lots of designer bags including Marc Jacobs, Kooba, Juicy (sorry don't know these brands well enough to identify)
  2. :nuts: ooops! These Chloe are at GRAPEVINE Mall in Texas. So sorry! I shouldn't post when I'm tired:smile:.