NM you get a A+....

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    Well she came today pristine and perfect. What a keeper! With the dimensions being 11X12X5 the size is perfect, not too big and not overwhelming for my frame. The only minor complaint I have is with the handle's length which is about 6 inches. I have noodle arms so I can slip this bag on my shoulder however I can't have a bulky top on, so for the most part this Chloe bag is for the arm. Truly I don't care. Oh the color is argent.

    God Love Fed Ex. We had an additonal 4 inches of snow on top of an existing 9 and he still came out. The dear!
  2. so happy for you.

    You sure got a lovely bag there :biggrin:
  3. congrats!! it's pretty
  4. congrats to a great new addition!
  5. That bag is really growing on me!
  6. Congrats. Lovely color Chloe. I saw that one yesterday and I had to bite down on my hand to not get it. I will live vicariously through you Susieserb
  7. Love it! Congratulations!
  8. Lovely!
  9. YOU do - LOL! She's my sister and I have to deal with envy all the time. It is very difficult keeping up with her - LOL! But we are both ecstatic with our recent purchases. We even both have the choco chain handled Betty - we just can't wear them at the same time. But she lives an hour and a half away in a pokey small town where no one has a clue. It is so much fun angsting about all these sale purchases.:p
  10. Enjoy your new bag!
  11. Enjoy!!