NM wouldn't sell a fake YSL right???

  1. I mentioned here before that I exchanged my medium croc Tribute for the Large on at NM. Since i'm pretty careful about my bags, I do inspect it once in a while and right now, I'm getting a little worried about the exchange especially since I'm starting to see imperfections on the large. My medium tribute didn't show any of these issues when I got it.

    K, listing the issues
    1. there were random threads hanging out of the bag. I cut them and the bag doesn't seem to be falling apart as a result. However, this kind of quality would never be accepted in a place like...Japan let's say.

    2. On the top of the bag, the ends of some of the threads are coming out so I see the edge and they have been singed or "burned" to keep them from coming off...but this method obviously didn't work

    3. I see glue marks on the inner-bottom part of the handes where the brass rings are held down. Again, poor quality control....

    4. Which is what bugs me the most.... the bag itself at the bottom part doesn't even seem symmetrical. One side of the bottom kind of sticks out like a bell shape which i think is how it's suppose to look. However, the other side of the bottom doesn't stick out like a slight bell. It's actually kind of dented inn and I have to "train" the leather from the inside of the bag to stick out. does this make sense?

    5. I'm probably being paranoid here but comparing the logo inside of the bag with my Muse, they are slightly different. On my Muse, the logo inside is easier to flip over to see the 12 digit identification number. You can also clearly see the stamped "made in italy". On my Tribute, the logo inside is a bit harder to flip over and the "made in italy" as well as the numbers are NOT very prominent at all. Also, the registration numbers has a dot stamped in between the first 6 and second 6 numbers. On my Muse, this "dot" isn't there.

    Can someone with the black croc tribute confirm if I'm just being paranoid or if I should be concerned? On a prevoius thread, i mentioned that the sales lady did me a favor by allowing me to switch my bag to a large. I really don't wanna have to bug her again if I had no cause for worries to begin with.

    ok, that was too long. But really, I would appreciate the help ladies!
  2. I don't think they would intentionally sell a fake YSL...but I do think that an unscrupulous customer may try to return a fake and keep an authentic one.

    Despite that, the amount of issues with this bag would warrant a call to the SA. I'm sure she wouldn't mind - you don't spend your money to get a defective or shoddily made product! I hope that you can find a replacement~
  3. No, they wouldn't intentionally sell a fake, however, if I'm not mistaken, there was an issue with fake Fendi @ Saks Off Fifth or something so it is possible thanks to a dishonest buyer who tried a bait and switch. I think that is pretty rare though in general and it does sound more like a quality control issue to me. If you are concerned, take it back and explain. I think you are more than entitled to a quality product for that kind of money.
  4. ^I agree, I do not think NM would intentionally sell a fake, but if the bag is in that bad of a shape, then it is either a fake bag, a well used bag, or YSL's quality control slipped.

    Please do not feel bad for calling her about your concerns! You are spending lots of money for a handbag and you have a right to feel comfortable and happy with that particular bag! She seems like a nice SA, since she helped you with an exchange before, so I would not hesitate in calling her again to explain the situation.

    GL, and keep us posted!
  5. I totally understand your concerns. Don't feel bad, they are all valid, after all, you're the one with the $1400 bill for this tote so you have to be 100% happy with it.

    NM wouldn't do that, they have a long standing reputation I'm certain they wouldn't gamble with. It is alarming though(I purchased my Downtown through them, I feel your pain :crybaby:) so express your concerns with your sa. If your ambivalence stems from the fact that you feel ingratiated towards her helping you out to start with, well, that is her job isn't it? Maybe you can have your local YSL boutique authenticate it, and depending upon their input, you can either rest easy knowing you carry an authentic Tribute, or address the issue with your NM sa armed with YSL boutique info. Do let us know how it turns out.

    BTW, my medium Downtown has/had slight "characteristics" which used to bother me(glue on the outline/edges of outer pocket, non symmetrical outer pocket sides, err admittedly by a micromm:greengrin:smile: But that's my eagle eye roving to inspect a newfound love. Time, and a little sprucing up on my end helped me get over my concerns. I just love her to death and wouldn't think of parting with her now.
  6. Did you use this bag already or is it still new with tags? If it is new with tags take it back and return it for one with the quality you expect. If you used it I think they may give you a hard time, especially if you are saying it might be fake. Good luck.
  7. When I get home, I will take pics of what I'm talking about to show you ladies what I'm talking about. i think that may help. I'd really appreciate it if you can "authenticate" for me or tell me if I'm just being paranoid and picky about everything.
  8. k...here are some pics. Please excuse the bad quality. I don't have a digicam so i used the camera on my macbook.

    The first pic shows the inside of the ID tag. You can see that half of the inside is "bubbled". As if they didn't finish the process of 'patenting' the leather inside. Is this the same for your tribute?

    The 2nd picture depics the "bell shape" i was talking about on the bottom right of the bag. THe 3d pic shows how the left side doesn't have this shape. The 4th pic shows the whole bag so you can see how both sides are slightly unsymmetrical

    ON the 5th pic, you can see that on the inside part of the zipper, the sewing at the base of the zipper is crooked. If I were to see this pic on our "authenticate" thread, I think I would have most likely advised the buyer that this was fake due to this imperfection. But I dunno. Do your tributes have this?

    oh one more thing that's not pictured... The brass Y on my id tag isn't completely flush againts the tag itself. Is this the same for those who own the tribute?

    Gosh, i know I seem so picky but please do let me know if what i described are consistent with your tributes as well. that way, i can confirm if i did get a shoddy product. Thanks again ladies!
    Photo 14.jpg Photo 15.jpg Photo 16.jpg Photo 17.jpg mail.jpg
  9. I'm not sure about the authenticity, but it has enough construction imperfections that would make me want to do an exchange regardless of whether it's fake. I checked my Tribute and it does have the dot in the middle of the serial number on the tag so that part checks out at least.

    But it does look really lopsided on the bottom which I think is what would bother me the most. The additional issues with the stitching, glue and bubbling of the luggage tag would definitely tip the scale for me in deciding to try exchanging it. I know there are some variations from bag to bag so I don't think imperfections are necessarily cause for concern about its authenticity, but there are enough with this particular bag that I don't personally think it's in acceptable condition for $1400.
  10. ysl1983, I want to ask about pictures #2 and #4. Is the shape "bell-like" or portruding possibly due to the stuffing the bag came in? Or is it empty and when flat on a surface the outline is still lopsided? The shape more than the other details would concern me. I store my Tribute empty in its dustbag, flat underneath all my other handbags so it maintains its shape. Of course it's your comfort level, so do what you feel is appropriate to get those nagging doubts out of your system.

    Can you purchase the same tote at ysl.com ?
  11. I agree with shazam. I don't own a Tribute so I can't provide authentication help, but even if this were a legitimate YSL I'd be concerned enough about the quality to request an exchange. The asymmetry at the bottom is quite obvious, and I also agree that the zipper stitching is poorly done.

    I know you were hesitant to bother your SA, but like I said before, you've spent just too much money to have to deal with a subpar bag, authentic OR fake. Good luck!
  12. hello ladies! Thanks for the input. My bag was flat and empty when I took the pictures so it couldn't have been the stuffing. Oddly enough, when I did put stuffing in it, the bag looked more symmetrical than empty.

    I visited NM yesterday and inspected another croc tribute they had in stock. The bag too had imperfections that would bother me. It had more strings hanging out than my bag, the id tag was weird on the inside as well. So, I basically decided that I'm not really ever going to be satisfied with the quality of any bag that NM might exchange for mine so i'm just going to keep it. I love the bag regardless...however, i am now a bit disappointed with the quality of the croc tribute.
  13. I'm sorry that you're disappointed by your Tribute and don't feel like you'll be able to exchange it for one of better quality. If the asymmetry isn't as obvious with your items in it, then that helps at least since I think that's the most obvious issue with it. Hopefully your love of the bag will make the imperfections fade into the background as you use it more and more.
  14. Kinda strange, but I bought the croc Tribite at Saks F and F....lots of strings hanging off of the top. I absolutely loved this bag, but I also got the croc downtown, and the DT is made much better than the Tribute....wonder if anyone else had this stitching issue on the top of their Tribute??

    I am taking it back...no way will I keep a bag with all this stitching...I noticed it when I purchased it and my SA cut some of the strings and thought it was "no big deal"...when I got home...I noticed even more....do disappointing!

    On a brighter note, I LOVE my grey anthracite Besace so far...;)
  15. hi
    i have two tributes..
    a croc one and a buffalo...
    i bought them from ysl.com..
    i don't see anything wrong with it..
    everything is perfect...i don't have problem with it..
    so i guess the one that you have might be a fake one..:tdown::thinking: