NM White Plains presale

  1. Was there today - lots of Chloes - 3 large Edith bowlers in red, brown, and cream, a handful of Bettys and one Paddy. They also had two Chloe Edith wallets. Lots of Marc Jacobs and Tod's bags too.
  2. how much were the bowlers if you remember or the other bags you saw...
  3. The bowlers were around $975 (I think - they were under 1k for sure) and the others were more. I didn't check prices on all of them because I wasn't as interested in purchasing them, but it looked like they were all 30-40% off.
  4. what about the Tods? thats right near where i used to go to college! :smile:
  5. Thank you!
  6. They had a handful of Tod's bags - mostly satchel styles (I'm not as familiar with Tod's as I am with Chloe so I don't know the names of the bags). A couple of black ones, a few brown and one white if I recall correctly.