NM White Plains NY Update

  1. Rouge VIF, City & Courier
    Blueberry, First, Work
    Grenat, Work, Mini Bowling
    Truffle, most styles. There was a first that had the most amazing color & leather
    Greige, Twiggy.City & Work
    Sapin (sorry, I know they had a few but can't rememer which styles) other then the Day
    Black Pony Day
    Ghost in greige & truffle

    That's all I can remember. Not sure if there were more Rouge City bags in the back. I went to pick mine up I was told it was grenat and didn't take it. Not for me.
  2. You didn't take the Rouge City ... or Grenat City?
  3. Didn't take the Rouge VIF City. The color is just not for me. They didn't have Grenat in the city. I have it in the purse but may want the City instead
  4. Too bright, you think? Red is supposed to be THE accent color for this season ... or so I'm trying to convince myself. ;)
  5. I buy most of my bags at NM in White Plains. THey usually have a pretty good selection. The SA I work with at that store is Mann. I bought my white Twiggy, rouge Twiggy, and black & white Day at that store. My pale rose Purse and cornflower City I bought at BalNY. THanks for the update.:P