NM White Plains, NY - lots of flaps & others

  1. I did a quick peek in Neiman Marcus at The Westchester in White Plains today. They had lots of bags, but I'm on a ban for at least a couple of months. :crybaby:

    Here's a partial list. I know I've omitted quite a few. I haven't purchased Chanel from NM so I can't recommend an SA, but many of them seem very nice when I'm browsing. If I made any mistakes I apologize. My brain is clogged with preparation for a business trip tomorrow.

    jumbo caviar flap w/new chain in beige and black

    Jumbo lambskin flap in beige (new chain?)

    medium lambskin flap in light blue (greyish I think), beige, pink, brown, black

    a couple e/w flaps

    black cerf in both sizes

    pocket in the city - 2 larger sizes (I think) in I believe the "Gray" brown color.

    8 knots tote in black

    bubble flap in brown (actually quite cute and roomy in person)

    timeless classic in black (soooo tempted)

    a few perf bags

    cambon bags in a few colors and sizes incl. brown

    mademoiselle large tote in black, two different seasons (leather chain and plain chain) plus the small in light green

    multiple paris-biarritz bags

    they also had a beautiful ostrich flap (not the classic flap; not sure of the name).
  2. WOW!! Very good memory. Thanks for the report.