NM vs BG - tip

  1. I have found that if I want to order something from NM online, I always check the BG site and then order from BG. Because we have a NM in Boca, I get charged tax. If I order from BG, I don't get charged tax, since the only place it's located is in NY.
  2. I always forget about BG. Thanks for the tip, I will remember from now on :smile:
  3. Ooo Good tip! Thanks :smile:
  4. yep, i always do this as well....def. worth it, since sales tax in CA is so high!
  5. Thanks for the tip, 8.25% tax can be alot when your buying a $1000 bag:yucky:
  6. thank you!
  7. hi what's the url for BG?
  8. bergdorfgoodman.com
  9. thx!
  10. prices are not always the same, though, once in a while bg has a higher price than nm. so check both prices before buying. great tip on saving tax!!
  11. If there is no NM or BG in your state and you order online, consider using ****** (NM only) because you will get money back.
  12. another tip: since NM and BG are "sister" stores they will price match for you too.
  13. Now thats a good tip! I only wish the web site and the stores would price match. You'd be more likely to find the lower price at the store, and price match the online store and get a bag thats not been out on display.
  14. One more tip, if you're real cool with your SA, they can call online for you and get the price matched. My guy at NM is the absolute BESTEST EVER. He's done it a few times for me with no problems at all and he gets credit for the sale :smile:
  15. great tips - thanks