NM Update!

  1. Talked to my favorite SA tonight, Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy Michigan. She gave me the lowdown as to what is in stock right now in some of the newer styles, and even sent me a pic of the Hobo with the new gold hardware. I cannot wait to go and see this one in person.:graucho: Lisa said that the leather is incredible on the b-bags this year, and more like the older leather- soft and smushy as ever. Anyway, here is what is available:

    HOBO gold hardware
    Colors: Caffe (brown), Vert Gazon (green), Noir (black), and Blanc (white).
    Price: $1245

    "GIANT CITY"--goat skin with gold hardware
    (same size as classic city)
    Colors: Noir (black), Truffe (light brown), Vert Gazon (grass green), Rouge Vermillion (bright red)
    Price: $1595

    "GIANT BRIEF"--goat skin with gold hardware
    Colors: Noir, Blanc (white), Truffe, Marine
    Price: $1595

    "GIANT WORK"--goat skin with gold hardware
    Colors: Noir, Blanc, Truffe, Vert Gazon
    Price: $1795

    If you are interested, call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442.
  2. Funny. I called that store today and talked to someone else who informed me that that store doesn't even carry B-bags. Yeesh!
  3. Thanks Jag!!!!!!!! If you go there please find out if the handles on the Work are bigger then the past season's!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!:flowers:
  4. SHUT UP! Omg, that is terrible! They don't usually get a ton on the floor but they get them here and there (and can order whatever is available through NM). But I can tell you this, when they do hit the floor there- they go FAST.
  5. Zacorey- I will be happy to find out for you. I am going there this weekend so I will post then!
  6. :heart: Thanks Sooooooooo Much Jag!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  7. I have called Lisa (thanks to JAG!) on several occasions and she was sooo helpful and actually called me back unlike other SA's at NM.

    I didnt realize the new big hardware was so much more expensive...
  8. Zacorey- I could not go to NM today as my son is under the weather. BUT I called Lisa just to find out. She said that as far as she knows (and she checked the book) there is no change from past seasons as far as the handles. However, if you want her to find out from the buyer- she will contact her for you. Just give Lisa a call and she will take care of it. But she thinks they are the same. HTH!
  9. Thanks jaggie!!!!! Someone posted that the Work bags with the GH has bigger handles and the Work bags with the reg. hardware still has the same size handles!!!!! Tell Lisa thank you!!!!!!!!!
  10. ^^ Thanks Zacorey. I will tell Lisa that too- maybe she can check with her buyer to find out for sure. I will let you know if I find out anything!