NM Tyson's has bubblegum shoulder bags

  1. They had 3 bubblegum shoulder bags. They all looked great ;)
  2. What else did they have in stock? :flowers:
  3. Tons! here's what I remember: LE NM City, Bubblegum Day, Electric Blue City, Electric Blue Day, Sky Blue First, Bubblegum Courier, 08 Black Day, Bubblegum City & First, Magenta First, Magenta City SGH, Sahara City GGH, White Weekender, Cafe Weekender (I think), white day, white city, ivory first, no new color accessories yet besides the bubblegum shoulders. (I tend to forget the browns and blacks because I skim over them, I think they had a black city sgh and maybe a work? sorry!)

    I was trolling around looking at the pre-sale stuff.
  4. Ooh! how was the leather on the electric blue city?
  5. oooo, how was the eb day? was it rh or sgh or ggh?
  6. Looked beautiful! I didn't touch it though... want me to go back? ;) Not to veiny if I recall correctly.
  7. *A*W*E*S*O*M*E* The day is my favorite style... it was RH. My favorite hardware too. :p It took everything in me to walk away.
  8. ^^Was the EB city reg. hardware or large? eep!
  9. :confused1: I don't remember?:confused1: 8 hours ago now and I don't have a clue. geesh, I'm getting old! I'm sorry!
  10. EB City that i saw last night was RH and it had a great leather. :tup:Very soft and not too distressed, just right.:drool:
  11. Thanks for remembering ;)

  12. i don't blame you. i can't wait to see it irl. :drool:
  13. I'll try to make it to NM next week. I really want to check out the new bags!! Thanks for the info guys! :flowers:
  14. I was there today and had to pass on a gorgeous bubblegum work. The leather was soooo nice.
  15. Any sale bags still at NM Tysons? Thanks!