NM Tysons Galleria-Chanel sale stock

  1. NM Tysons Galleria has select Chanel handbags and accessories at 30% off right now (amongst others like some Balenciaga pieces, and many other designers too)

    Call 703-761-1600 ext 3033 and ask for Andrea Gill in designer handbags...tell her Cory referred you

    She has the 8 knot hobo in black and in grey colors on sale.

    She also has the pink medallion tote on sale too and some of the blue/green bead necklaces with that eagle design??
  2. Cool-thanks for the info!
  3. The pictures were borrowed from the library. I got these two bags from the sale. They both pink.
    The medallion tote is $1487 and the small tote is $945. I changed my mind and will return them both today. If you’re interested, please contact my SA at (703) 556-7844 ext 3032. Her name is Freshteh.
    Channel Medallion Tote A.jpg Small tote.jpg
  4. Hi,bagchic1
    Just worndering the $935 small tote is that PST tote same as the picture in leather.Thank You.
  5. those 2 bags are TDF.
  6. Hi Yee38,

    Yes the small tote looks exactly like the one in the picture. I decided to keep the Medallion tote since it's such a good deal and pink will be perfect for Spring. I forgot to mention the bag is in caviar leather so go for it. I have to return one bag since I could not justify to myself why I need two pink bags.
  7. bagchic1, the medallion is gorgeous! and what a deal.
  8. Great buy. It will make a really fun spring & summer bag.
  9. Thank you ladies! I returned the PST tote bag and came home with the python clutch. It was also 30% off. I could not believe my luck. :yahoo::yahoo:Here are some pictures for your enjoyment; the clutch is much more beautiful than in picture.
    python clutch 3.jpg Python Clutch 2.jpg Python Clutch 1.jpg
  10. PST for $945..... wow!:wtf:
  11. I love both of the bags!
  12. Wow that's a really cute clutch!.....never seen that shape before....LOVE Chanel's bronze python! At first I did a double-take and almost thought it was the Timeless Clutch in bronze python, but alas that piece getting marked-down sounded too good to be true.