NM Tysons Corner Pre-Sale

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  1. Hi everyone! There have been many threads about the NM pre-sale but I figured I'd give some insight about the Tysons Galleria, VA store! Hopefully there are still some great bags left but I was able to secure a Balenciaga Matelasse for 30% off!! They also have a few other B-Bags, including small bowling bags, and citybag hobo style. Also saw a good selection of Prada, MJ, Ferragamo, Chloe (Betty in particularly) and even Alexander McQueen! Good luck everyone!

    Also, if you can get an SA to put them on your list, some Chanel, YSL, LV bags also had their own pre-sale but those go really fast and are def harder to get!

    Good luck!!
  2. Congrats on the Matelasse!

    Did you happen to see any Balenciaga Couriers? I've been obsessed with those lately.
  3. Thanks! I think I saw 1 actually but can't seem to remember what color it was in. They also had 1 white balenciaga leather bag that looked similar to the Courier in size but squarer and w/ not zip in the front. Good luck!
  4. LV doesn't go on sale...
  5. LV and Chanel are def more exclusive but you have to be on the SA special list basically and they call you directly. Otherwise, you can't tell that some may be on sale.
  6. I agree, LV never goes on sale. And the Tysons NM, if I remember correctly, since I was there last month, doens't sell Chanel. Not bags at least. Maybe watches like Saks does. And unless something changed they don't sell LV there either...? Cuz the Tysons Mall already has a Chanel boutique in it and the LV store is across the street pretty much...
  7. Ummm...yes, they do sell LV - and have for several years! I bought a bag there...and tried some just a few months ago!

  8. The Chanel boutique in the NM has been there for years. I ogled a few bags there over the weekend...hehe.
  9. yea, the chanel's b&m is by the escalator when you go to the purses section, in between purses and shoes....it's quite small though, compare to the Chanel boutique inside the mall. How do I get on that list? sometimes then I ask SA about exclusive service, they think i'm a freak. I'm not a frequent boutique buyer/goer, I don't think any of SA remembers me by name(probably not even face):sad:
  10. Oh and I just saw a post about returns in boutiques, are those pre-sales resales?
  11. If anyone needs a bag at this NM, call Quincy. I worked with him for years and he is GREAT! I am not sure if he is still at that NM, but if he is youre in luck.
  12. If anyone needs a Chanel bag in Tysons, contact Marilyn Chang, Chanel boutique in NM, she rocks and will keep you on point at all times.....I work out of town most months and she has held sale items for me for extended periods of time (without holding my AMEX #, even though I am sure she knows it by heart by now.......
  13. AND Tina McCaulley is awesome in women's shoes, I also use her to purchase everything but Chanel and LV......
  14. dunno where I've been then...lol. Everytime I walk in I never see it, but, maybe I'm just not paying good enough attention...
  15. Yes, Marilyn Chong is the SA at Chanel at the Tysons NM, she's def awesome and will do her best to help you out!