NM Tysons Corner - Lots of Sale Bags!

  1. Just got back from NM (returned a Red Edith satchel) and I was surprised to see three tables FILLED with bags. Chloe: Tracys (several style, sizes), Bettys (several burgundy patents - med/large sizes only), Ediths (bowlers, hobos, etc), Tods (many), D&G, Hogans (Guitar style and others), some Balenciagas (not the Motorcycle style), Stella McCarthys, MJ, Koobas, Cole Haan, etc. Just too many to remember/list. I overheard someone say that they restocked the other day. Hope this helps someone.
  2. tnx for the info
  3. There was a pink Gucci Flora peggy yesterday also. And the navy canvas Gucci bags with the rubber Gucci script.
  4. hey, i desperately sunglasses, do any of the sunglasses go on sale at the tysons store?