NM - Tysons Corner...Couldn't Believe My Eyes!

  1. Okay folks who can make it to this NM......
    Was doing some holiday shopping and couldn't resist taking a look-see at the handbags and my jaw just dropped......LOTS OF BAGS....and GREAT BAGS at that!
    Hmm, just as an example and I didn't look at $ cuz I have no business buying any new bags (sorry).....

    Balenciaga: wristlets (adorable) Whistles (several colors) Fold-over tote in suede (gorgeous)
    Chloe: Bays, Elvira and others, don't know the names
    Ferragamo: several styles
    Zac Posen: several styles
    BV: several styles
    Hogans: several styles
    Henry Begulein (sp): several styles
    MJ: Stam, lots of others, don't know names
    Miu Miu: many
    Prada: a table full of 'em
    Gucci: lots
    Etro and just way too many to list...........it was pure eye candy!
  2. uh? you mean these are on sale? or you just saw bags......
  3. DUH.....you're right - I was too excited to say that they were ALL on sale....LOT OF BAGS BAGS BAGS!!!!
  4. ahah, Thanks, giving me a great excuse to go there after work., not that i have any money left to buy any bags this year :sad: but i wanna look. :smile:
  5. ...yeah, they are all on sale. i went to NM and took a look without buying anything. they were lying there like dumped kids...
  6. do you remember the prices? why didn't you buy any?