NM Tyson's & Balenciaga Accessories?

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  1. Do they sell coin purses and wallets, etc? Or just bags?

  2. They currently have:

    THE OVAL CLUTCH $695 in truffle (06)

    THE TOILET $385 in black and truffle

    THE MONEY in black and white

    and i think (I THINK) it's the mini compagnon in white...it's the smaller wallet.
  3. I do not believe that NM carries coin purses or makeup clutches, but they do carry the wallets - money and mini compagnon (sp?), at least at my local NM. Barneys carries the coin purses and makeup clutches.
  4. I think the carry some accesories............not many though
  5. ^^Thank you for the replies. I've been thinking about a little coin purse lately and was hoping to see one in person!