NM Trunk Show Report

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  1. I went to the NM trunk show today and they had a lot of great samples! I'm sorry, no pics, because I had to chase my twin toddlers and prevent them from destroying the samples. They tried on several pairs of trunk show shoes and were fascinated with the security devices for the bags.

    Anyway, for the bags:

    Chain Around - I saw the Chain Around in the medium messenger, hobo, and maxi flap. NM ordered all three styles in various colors - black, brown, and gray. I love the medium messenger, which is $2350. It is a great size and works perfect cross-body. I also really liked the maxi flap, which is $3250. It has a triple chain for a handle and chains around the outer perimeter of the bag. It is a nice twist on the classic flap.

    Lipstick - I saw the large tote and two accordian style totes. The large tote is huge. It is cute, though. It has the CCs on the front and quilting on the sides and is lined with a gingham pattern. I didn't try on the accordian style totes. NM also ordered the small messenger flap, but there was no sample. Also, I saw the pink IRL and I think it is more of a bright bubblegum pink than a fuschia for those who were wondering. These bags are vinyl so they are a more affordable price point.

    Just Mademoiselle - NM ordered two sizes of this bag. The smaller size in black and silver leather and in black, red, and orange patent for $2700. The larger size in leather only (no patent) in black and gold. They had samples of the smaller gold and smaller red patent. I love this bag! It can be worn single and double strap (but not cross-body) and hand held as a clutch. It is a great day to night bag. I would love the gold, but ordered the silver since NM did not get the smaller gold. I don't know how the large looks since it was not available as a sample.

    I also saw the pink patent mini, which, again, is more of a bubblegum pink IRL. There were a few other seasonal bags, including the flaps that look like they have fishing net over them. Not crazy about these. They also had the mesh totes with fringe. This is another style I am not crazy about. They had the flap with the charms and I thought the charms looked clunky and a little cheap.

    Now, for the shoes. I went crazy and ordered 9 pairs. I am going to have to shorten this list, but it will be tough. There are so many gorgeous styles.

    Camellia - This comes in a flat slide, a flat, a slingback, and pump in various color combinations, including black with black patent, white tweed fabric with black fabric flower, and tan with black flower.

    Stoned - I love this one! There are two different stone-embellished flat sandals, one is a thong in silver and the other is almost a gladiator style in black with black and white stones, there is also a low-heeled slide, and two flats, black and silver with the stone embellishments on the toe.

    There are some nice low-heeled sandals. One I loved is a t-strap in black with clear crystals. Very dressy, but finally in a low heel that is easy to wear.

    They also ordered the flat thong with knotted fabric and pearl embellishment in both black and white. There was no sample, so I was unable to try this one on, but it looks great in photos!

    There were a number of cute ballet flats, including a cork with black patent toe and a white eyelet fabric with black toe.

    They also ordered a cute thong sandal with quilted T-strap available in black, white, and at least one other color. Again, no sample of this one.

    That is all I can remember. I didn't really focus on the higher heels since I can't walk in them anymore, but there were a number of options in higher heels as well. NM is getting a very large selection of shoes from Cruise.

  2. WOW really appreciate your detailed report!
    2 toddlers and chanel- what a great combination ;)
    waiting for your reveal!
  3. Thanks for the 411, very helpful!
  4. Wow! I can't believe you had toddler twins with you and you were able to get all this info! My twins are 12 and I wouldn't dare take them to a Chanel trunk show:lol:
    Thanks for all the info! :smile:
  5. WOW,u r brave...LOL...Id NEVER take my 2 yr old with me..hehe
    TWINS?U r my hero!

    thanks for the report..Im excited to see new shoes now!
  6. Fortunately, I have good relationships with my SAs so they know my girls and are very tolerant of their antics.

  7. Thanks a lot for the intel, Jennifer! You are awesome! :tup:
    I couldn't make it today but after your review, I definitely have to go and see the bags IRL tomorrow! Thanks again!!! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for sharing... I was busy today but will go to NM tomorrow...
  9. I forgot to add some SLGs. For those of you who like the Camellia embossed style, NM is getting the black camellia embossed WOC, wallets, and an adorable camellia embossed cosmetic case in red. I ordered the cosmetic case. I have been looking for a cute one for a long time and love the camellia embossed pattern in red.

    I also believe they are getting the black caviar WOC with GHW that many have been looking for.

  10. Great report!!! Thanks Jennifer. YAY for NM ordering more camellia embossed.
  11. Thanks for the report!:tup:
  12. Awesome detailed report!! You have an amazing memory! Thank you!!
  13. Thanks Jennifer! This is so much info!

    I'm am dead for Cruise!
  14. I totally agree with you! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to remember that much! :tup:
    Thank you jennifer! :biggrin:
  15. Great report, Jennifer!
    I was there with my kids this morning. I think I missed you!:P