NM Tod's T Bag Media bag in Cognac for $675 -- I had this bookmarked!

  1. Nice bag! Did you get it?
  2. I have it already -- it's available now for someone else! I am still debating about keeping mine. It's beautiful, but I have been buying too many things recently and selling too few things on eBay. Boo Hoo. I would love to keep it.
  3. How are the straps on that bag, can you wear on the arm and shoulder comfortably:confused1: . It's very cute...
  4. Yes, it fits over your shoulder comfortably. So cute!
  5. Dang, I've been trying to get this bag..........
  6. I have this bag and love it! The price on that one is unbelievable!!! I hope one of you guys got it!
  7. Did anyone got it? IT's gone now
  8. I tried to get it earlier in the day, it processed, but immediately showed as cancelled in my order history. Being that it showed up again, someone must have bought it, then changed their mind, so it popped back on again, I'm still stalking the website, maybe it'll show up again.
  9. It's showing up now...
  10. Maybe I'm Slow, But How Do You Bookmark??
  11. It's not available anymore
  12. Im always to late
  13. nice bag!
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