NM The Estee Lauder Dream Event

  1. Receive a lizard-embossed tote and cosmetics bag packed with fabulous Estee Lauder must-haves with any Estee Lauder purchase of $55 or more. Through February 4 at NM.com.

    I bought a Daywear SPF30 and balancing toner and got a free shipping with coupon "welcome".

    By the way, I remember someone wrote that NM beauty event is coming soon. Do you think it is better to wait for the beauty event?

  2. ^ It depends on what you like. If you love Estee Lauder makeup, then their free gift is worth it. I remember not being that impressed with last year's Beauty Event at NM. The only things I remember specifically are a small sample of Sublimage and a sample of Prada Perfume (and I didn't like either of those things). It was just a bunch of samples if I remember correctly. I would have rather had a tote with EL makeup than what I got :shrugs:
  3. Received the gift today and love them!

  4. :huh:oh... very nice! I've been debating whether or not to jump on this deal since I have so much skin care and makeup already. Thanks for posting! :smile: