NM *The Book* May

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  1. Anyone else get this today?
    I LOVE getting these beautiful catalogs!
    LOADS of beautiful dresses and both of my favorite parfums are featured!:love:
  2. Seriously? No one else got this?:nuts:
  3. Good for you...considering I spent the most I ever have with them over the last g mo. I should have one. Enjoy it!
  4. Oh you should! LOL!
    maybe your's is coming. I live in Dallas, I'm sure they're sent from here.
  5. Havent got mine yet!! Cant wait..I get so excited when those books come in...and my PHH just rolls his eyes at me!! LOL!
  6. I used to get their Christmas catalogue (up here in Canada) and some other fashion mailings. But now they aren't sending me anything!
  7. The mail hasnt' been delivered yet. :o( I hope I get it soon. I love thumbing through their pictures too.
  8. I did get one yesterday!! They have the Chanel Lux bowler, I almost fell over its so gorgeous. And thay do have some cute dress that are pretty reasonable. NM opens here at the end of the summer!
  9. Will anyone scan the bag pictures? I have a scanner but no book! :sad:
  10. Received mine today! Love all the Louboutins. Plus the Chanel Lux bowler looks spectacular!
  11. I'm sure I'll get mine soon!! ;)
  12. Ahh where is mine where is mine!!!?!
  13. They're VERY stingy w/ their books I find. I can spend a few thousand IN THE STORE but God forbid, I don't order anything from their catalog in a year - OFF THE LIST I go! :rollingeyes
    nice priorities NM!
  14. I got the Book the other day, and although the dresses pictured are beautiful, I wish they had more accessories.
  15. Got it! Loved the dresses!!! But I agree with SuLi, there were like no handbags!
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