NM - The Beauty Event: Anyone try anything new?

  1. I love NM's beauty event. It is just a GREAT time to try some new things. That is how I found Amore Pacific and I can truly say that it has changed my skin.

    So this year I'm trying some Freric Fekkai hair products
    Some "Fresh" bath products
    A new CREED fragrance for me

    Anyone else?
  2. Just got back from NM's beauty event...and these r what I bought home with:

    :heart:La Mer Lifting Serum
    :heart:La Mer Eye Concentrate

    I am starting to try the Natura Bisse's line, and bought the Glyco Extreme Peel for the first time.

    Maxter, I love Fredric Fekkai hair products, hope u will enjoy urs too!

    Since the event won't end for a while, I am gonna study their website tonight to see what other products I would like to get.:graucho:
  3. I'm not even going to look. I just spent sooooo much money on new beauty products. Although.... I could use some more Chanel Rectifiance :hrmm:
  4. Have you used the Fekkai Hair Plump. EVERYONE says it is the best thing ever for your hair and the SA's said they can't keep it in stock. I bought some. She said I could return it if I didn't like it.

    Here's the info

    Unleash your hair's potential with this ultra-luxurious, daytime leave-in treatment that plumps and retexturizes strands to reveal healthy, thick, silky smooth hair.

    • Plumps hair strands for thicker, lusher looking hair.
    • Provides continuous moisture to smooth and hydrate hair throughout the day
    • Repairs damaged hair from the outside in, strengthening and reinforcing strands all-day and over time.
    • Protects hair from heat styling and environmental stress,preventing further and future damage.

    Have fun with your LaMer. Good stuff.
  5. Wow, sounds like something that my limpy hair needs. Thanks for the info, Maxter!:flowers:
  6. I bought the Natura Bisse eye cream and the Diamond extreme cream.
  7. For the NM beauty event, I'm probably going to pick up a jar of Creme De La Mer for my sister. I'm hoping to get a sample of Chanel "Sublimage" eye cream for myself. I want to see if it lives up to all the hype.

    I love Frederic Fekkai haircare! My faves are the new Styling Whip and the Glossing Cream.
  8. I agree about Amore Pacific! I just got my samples from the beauty event and while the general samples (with tote bag) were nothing much to write home about, the Amore Pacific gift is really nice.
  9. I love NM's beauty event but this year I'm not buying anything. I was really disappointed with how boring and not really useful the samples were. Last year they had better things to choose from.
  10. I didn't buy any new brands to get the bonus, but I'm trying the samples to see how I like them. I wish they included a few more--they're stingy with the number.
  11. Pat, I completely agree with you on the stinginess. We both got totally HOOKED on Amore Pacific b/c they gave us enough product that we could actually use. After trying it, the product speaks for itself and I am a faithful client.

    I wish more lines did this so we could at least give their products a good try. I would love a complete small sample set of Fekkai for hair, or a bunch of tiny bath stuff from Fresh or Molton Brown. Or, a sample of all the scents from Jo Malone. So the next time I'm shopping onlikne and I'm in the mood for a new fragrance I'll know what to get. Not all of us live near an NM! (Thank gawd, I'd be broke!!)
  12. I just bought some Phyto products. . . which Creed d'ya get?
  13. Maxter - which products are you using from the Amore line? I'm thinking of ordering a couple of them. Definitely ordering the moisturizer with the SPF and maybe a few others.
  14. I love the Phyto mist you can spray on your hair just to freshen it!

    OK, you CREED addict. You totally addicted me too! LOL

    I already have the CREED that comes in the gold bottle - great winter scent:

    Millesime Imperial EDP Spray
    An exotic scent that evokes the citrus groves and lush landscape of a Sicilian seaside palace.
    • Warm and romantic with crisp citrus and soft flowers wafting on sweet, salty air.
    • Blends crisp fruit notes, sea salt, Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, Florentine iris, musk, and woody notes.

    My new ones are:

    Silver Mountain Water
    The personal favorite scent of Master Perfumer Olivier Creed.
    • Inspired by wild, fresh water and the natural splendor, strength, and light of the French Alps.
    • A refreshing infusion of green tea and black currants.

    Oh, darn. The other one isn't on the website. Let me check.
  15. mmmmmmmmmmm
    SMW is mi favorito!
    I also love that Imperial one! I sniffed around at that counter for probably 45 minutes:shame:

    DANG! The SA was telling me about that mist. . . about how it could get that fajita smell outta my hair after eating Mexican food!:lol:
    maybe I should go back:graucho: