NM Tampa stock 04/13

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  1. Okay, this is might not be 100% accurate - I do have a short term memory :sweatdrop:

    Wallet: turq, EB w/SGH, Black w/SGH, magenta, sky blue

    Clutch: (whichever style is $895) black GGH

    Shoulder: white, light magenta (nice leather!), navy/white canvas, turq

    First: coral (nice, nice leather!), sky blue, bouton d'or, black (nice leather!), white, navy/white canvas, bubblegum

    Twiggy: truffe

    City: coral, navy/white canvas, floral/white, bouton d'or

    Day: white, black

    Messenger: turq (nice leather!)

    PT: turq SGH

    Work: o6 emerald, black SGH, sky blue SGH/GGH, black

    Brief: ocean RH/SGH (nice, nice leather!!), cafe, truffe, sky blue SGH, black RH/GGH/SGH

    RTT/Step (sorry I'm not familiar w/these styles. they look the same to me): black (nice leather!)

    Slim: turq SGH, bubblegum SGH/GGH

    Disclaimer: "nice leather" to me is a bag that feels very soft/silky - it's not necessarily smooshy, smooth or thick. just very soft :yes:
  2. Thank you for the info :flowers: Do you recall seeing a black rh weekender?
  3. Definitely no Magentas in the Brief or Step huh:sad:?
  4. Thanks for the update. Turquoise pt'skeep calling my name.
  5. thanks for the update! i'm interested in the white/navy canvas first. any idea which season is that from? tia!
  6. girly - sorry, i dont. that doesnt mean they dont have any, though! if just means i didnt see it :P i was kinda distracted by all the new colors that i didnt pay *too* much attention to the black section.

    baby - i only recall seeing a magenta shoulder... the only other magenta i've ever seen there is a First, but i think that must have sold b/c it was gone. again, it doesnt mean they dont have one. i just didnt see it :P

    rons - you're welcome :smile: the turquoises were beautiful... the PT had pretty stiff leather, though - just a warning! the messenger was LOVELY. very silky/smooth.

    jzlyn - no idea :confused1: it may have even been BLACK/white canvas. i didnt take a close look.
  7. Hi Verty. Do you remember if the Cafe Brief was in RH or GH and vaguely how the leather was? I'm looking for a Cafe Brief in RH. I love your NM Tampa stock updates...seems like they have every bag I'm been looking for so far. TIA.
  8. Hi Donna :jammin: - it was cafe RH and from what i remember the leather had some nice discreet veiny distressing. wasnt dry/stiff at all, but not outrageously silky... if that makes sense :P
  9. I saw a black weekender with rh at NM in Atlanta, GA. If you go onto NM website they have an 800 number for the Atlanta store. Hope this helps!

  10. YAY :wlae: Will call him right now. Thanks for looking out :flowers:
  11. Anyone seen an EB or Turq RH Work anywhere?
  12. on *bay:smile:
  13. i didnt see any EB works... *maybe* a turq work.

    they dont keep all their bags out of the shelves though... alot are scattered about the store and most of thrown into sliding bins underneath the shelves :confused1: so it's hard to say what the def. do and dont have.
  14. And you should go for it because its amazing- I LOVE MINE! :P
  15. I saw the turq work on the bay but I'd rather buy it in a store so if I don't like it I can return/exchange it.