NM stock in San Antonio

  1. Just want to put the word out there that hard to find bags are sometimes easier to find in San Antonio where there isn't as high of a demand :yes: .
  2. Thansk for the heads up...Do you know what they currently have in stock?:smile:
  3. Roch and Chain large hobo and small hobo, soho ew tote, patent madisons, expandable collection.... all the new stuff:smile:
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. I'm glad to hear that! I'm planning to go to San Antonio at the end of July and I hope to buy my first chanel item in NM because I have bad experiences with Saks so I gave up on them.
  6. In today, Madison small classic souple in black and white star attitude large hobo in white, med madison, LBC flap accordian in white patent.....there all great!
  7. xoStephxo,

    I PMed you!
  8. Is the small Madison the one with the chain piping around it?
    And how many sizes does the expandable come in (flap)?
  9. It is the one with the piping, NM has the large expandable flap