NM Stock in Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

  1. In case anyone is looking for these:

    Luxe Flap Black Patent
    Luxe Tote Gold
    PB Black tote
    Jumbo White Caviar Flap
    Blue Cotton Club Reporter
    Black GST w/gold hardware
    Black Medallion Tote w/gold hardware
    Madison Flaps Gold & Black
    Pocket in the City Bags

    They have more stock but this is what I can remember from yesterday.
  2. Thanks for the update bellabags! I remember seeing several Bubble Quilted bags last Saturday, wonder if they still have those in. I miss going there once a week when school was still in for my girls. The NM in Palo Alto usually has a pretty good selection, and I miss chatting with my favorite SA, Haddy too!:p
  3. Oh gosh yes, I forgot! They did have one Bubble Quilt tote and if I remember correctly it is the same color as your beauty! It was in the front window and it caught my eye as I was leaving. I work in that area so I usually list for bags and go to the trunk show there. Maybe I will run into you someday!:smile:
  4. oh! I love the bubble quilted bags!! They are so cute! thanks for the update!
  5. thanks for the update.

  6. LOL...maybe we did, but just didn't know about it! If the next time u r there, and saw an asian lady with shoulder length hair(usually have my favorite Chanel bag with me) starring at all those gorgeous bags with drool...it might be moi.:p Argh...I miss going there, it has been a week since the last time I went!:sad:
  7. Wonder if they have expandable tote in stock? :drool:
  8. Petals - I will be right there drooling with you! I usually have my dark silver Luxe bowler with me.

    Cestbonvoyage - I did not see any expandables. I am on the list for the expandable tote and they told me they will start arriving late July/early August. I am dying to see this IRL.
  9. :yes: thanks bella! I haven't put my name into the list yet and was hoping they will be available soon! ;)