NM Short Hills

  1. Just back and there is A LOT on sale (although the sales associate told me there was more before today).

    Upstairs I saw a size 7 ballet flat that was gorgeous. (a tad too small for me). Black tip and a brownish/copper color in the back (sounds wierd but it wasn't).

    Many bags including a black mademoiselle (?) line and a lot of tote style in brown and black. Some on a table outside Chanel and some on the general sale table. Most of the bags were too large for me.

    Someone please grab the ballet flats!

    Good luck ladies.
  2. Huh, .... "too large" sounds just perfect!!!!
    I have never met a Chanel bag that was "too large" for me- Any Expandable Flaps? Oh, I wish I could get to Short Hills......
  3. Not sure about styles. The bags were really nice its just i'm a bit petite and I don't carry much stuff. I thought about getting the mademoiselle bag but I really want a flap and of course, those were not on sale.

    The ballet flats were tdf! I hope someone from the TPF grabbed em!
  4. Do you have SA's contact in Short Hills?
  5. The sales associate helping me was Miriam Shevrin. 973 477-4600. I have never used her before but she seemed knowledgeable and very helpful.
  6. Woops sorry I gave you her cell phone # which was on her card.

    The NM telephone number is 973 912-0080
  7. how do the ballet flats look? are they elastic or the classic ones?? i've been dying to get a pair!! size 7 is 37 right?? holy cow, that's my size!
  8. They were the classic ones (not elastic). They really were beautiful. I believe they were $300 something. I'd be surprised if no one grabbed them by now.

    They were in the sale rack under sizes 7- 71/2.
  9. I can't get out to short hills till Friday, ugh! :s