NM Short Hills stock as of 1/14/08

  1. I had to go pay down my Bloomies card and wandered into NM today and they had a whole bunch of GH bags. Here's what I can remember:

    RH City:
    Black, White, Sandstone, EB & BG
    BG, Black, White
    GGH Hobo:
    Black orAnthracite, Red (not sure which color)
    Black SGH
    Anthracite GGH
    Other misc. bags:
    Black City SGH
    Black Sphere SGH
    Black large Maltelesse
    Sandstone Work RH
    Sandstone PT GGH
    Black, White, BG Flat Messenger
    Sandstone GGH clutch
    Black SGH clutch
    Blue Glacier GGH Weekender
    Truffle GGH Brief
    Black SGH Brief
    Black SGH w/suede Brief
    Chocolate SGH w/suede Brief (not sure of color)
    A bunch of Moon bags
    Money wallet (forgot the color)

    I was considering the Work style, but now that I've seen it IRL, it's much too large for what I carry daily, so nix that bag...but the PT & Brief were perfect! I didn't think I would like the East/West style but now that I've seen it, it might be my next purchase in the Fall. The Brief was also a pleasant surprise and might be a contender but the one bag that really turned my head was the Anthracite (?) Day with GGH. OMG! that bag was TDF and surprisingly light since I tried a City w/GGH and found it too heavy but it's not so on the Day. That is also a contender for the Fall. The number is 973-912-0080.

  2. wow! They have TONS of stuff! Thanks for the info :biggrin:
  3. wow! thanks for sharing- you've got a great memory too!! :smile:
  4. OMG! Thanks for the heads up, there are a few things on that list I want! Must resist!!
  5. thanks so much. i'm dialing right now!
  6. Ooooo lola, what are you getting?:graucho:
  7. Thanks for posting.