NM Short Hills Stock 2/28

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  1. NM Short Hills stock as of this afternoon:

    Ivory RH First
    Magenta RH First

    Ivory GGH Slim
    Skye Blue GH Slim

    Juane GGH Hobo

    Electric Blue RH City
    Bubblegum RH City (on 2nd floor, not with other bags)

    Bubblegum RH Flat Messenger
    Ivory RH Flat Messenger

    Bubblegum RH Part-Time
    Bubblegum SGH Part-Time
    Ivory GGH Part-Time

    Bubblegum SGH Brief
    Skye Blue GH Brief (sorry, don't remember GH/SH)

    Vert Thyme RH Day

    Skye Blue RH Work

    Ivory RH Weekender
  2. wow! thanks for remembering so much info! ;)
  3. Thanks for such a detailed update, starletta8. Any sightings of EB GSH cp?TIA.
  4. No CP?
  5. They also had a bunch of money wallets- both rh and gh. I know that they had rh ones in tomato, magenta, sky blue, black, white, and jaune and also gh ones in white, black and bubblegum pink.

    They don't have any other small accessories (I asked this am).