NM Short Hills shoe pre-sale

  1. Still some great shoes left. Supposed to be pre-sale now for Wednesdays' sale, but they will let you take them now.
  2. I was there last week and they had a lot of boots. My SA let me take them home too!
    Was there any more CL's? Im there weekly lol
  3. I didn't notice if there were any CLs sorry. There were still a lot of boots. I saw a woman buy like 3 pairs of shoes and a fabulous pair of black knee high boots. I got a pair of Ferregamos for a little more than 55% off.

    Someone needs to grab a fabulous pair of Fendi sandals in size 7.

    Stinas, next time you see a 5'4" woman with highlighted hair (usually carrying an LV) give a yell--it's me!
  4. Stinas, one more thing--They were putting out more shoes today when I left.
    good luck!