NM Short Hills just recieved a shipment!!!

  1. :girlsigh: :girlsigh: :girlsigh: OMG The new bags are gorgeous. They called me for a bag I was on the waiting list. I ended up not loving it in person but they have alot of the new fall bags in and they are to die for. They had tons of new accessories too. There was one new bag I fell in love with. Does anyone know the name of it? It looks like the classic flap but the leather is more like the distressed and the hardwear is silver colored but also darkened a little to look distressed. I cost $1595. I am in love....:love: . I know if is going to get destroyed, the floor sample was already scratched but I guess that is the look of it. The leather was really soft and the chain strap was not squeeky like my caviar classic flap. The color is black although it looks more like a dark grey. Hmmmmm, what to do????
  2. Hi Princess, good to have you back!!

    Is this the bag you saw? It is member bluegenie's gorgeous charcoal black flap from the Outdoor collection. It is $1595 and comes in brown too.
  3. That is it!!!!! You are good!! I love it so much. Thanks roey. You are the best. Does anyone know if the leather scratches easily? It looks like it is supposed to look weathered and worn.
  4. The leather scratch super easy. But this collection suppost to look worn and scratchy.
    If you look at wallet to match that come in 4 styles....each one of them even it's brand new from the box it's all scratch up.

    For me I rather get a classic bag. This outdoor collection was not that popular in my opinion.
  5. ^^I don't know if the leather scratches easily or if it's natural distressing - at least my SA said it was the latter, and owning the bag the leather does not seem delicate at all. I didn't care for the ones that were really distressed and chose one that had hardly any marks on it. It's a different look for sure - the more classic bags are gorgeous but definitely too formal for me.
  6. Do they have the large Chanel Cabas Tote that is pictured on page 692 of the September US Vogue?
  7. Do you have a pic of that one? I might be able to tell you if can post a pic.
  8. All the ones at the NM in Tampa had scratches on them but apparently that is supposed to happen and is natural. I could not take it though. It would drive me nuts!