NM Short Hills has outdoor hobos on sale

  1. Just got back from Short Hills Neiman Marcus and they have the outdoor ligne hobos in brown and dark blue on the sale table. Price was around $1200ish. One brown, one blue.
  2. Thx for the info! Was it the larger or the smaller size?
  3. I think it was the smaller size. It wasnt that big but wasnt tiny either.
  4. hello. do you know if they have the outdoor doctor bag? pics borrowed from reference library.
  5. The Outdoor Ligne doctor bag seems to be on sale (40% off) at Hirshleifer's, according to the Hirshleifer's thread.
  6. that bag is from the PNY 06 collection right??? i thought they are all sold out. when i got mine is was £955.

    umm... interesting to know they are on sales