NM Short Hills has Blue India Work

  1. Alicia just called me from NM Short Hills to let me know they had rec'd the Blue India Work. They had three initially ...now they have one left. :yes:

  2. Just thought I'd add that Gretta Luxe has BI too! I don't remember if they had any works but they had the weekender. They have BI in the twiggy and can't remember what else!
  3. If someone goes to ShortHills...can you please check out the BI Work and make sure it is not Cornflower? ;)

  4. As of yesterday, Gretta Luxe had BI in weekender, work, and twiggy.
  5. ^^^city- did you see the grey croc. first with silver harware??? It's only $12,000.00!:lol:
  6. zacorey - what did you think of the BI in person? Were you underwhelmed?
  7. Yes I did see that, but I didn't look at the price tag! The croc. really doesn't do much for me, especially for that price -- I think goat leather is much more beautiful.
  8. I agree city!!!!!!!!!! The croc doesn't do it for me either! Do you know what color it was? It looked like a charocal gray. I loved the color with the silver! I wish they would do it in the reg. leather! If they make those croc bags with silver why can't they make the reg. leather with silver!:sad:
  9. Hey - are none of my Short Hills buddies around these days? Esiders? Isn't it about time for another trip to the mall? ;) :P
  10. Fiatflux - I just got back from Short Hills. No BI :sad: . In fact, the B selection was pretty pathetic. A griege twiggy, truffle first, a pony city, pony work, pony day...a few padded bags, a whistle and a greige wallet. Oh - a truffle afternoon.

  11. Hi there Lake ... thanks! Hmmm...I wonder if that means they sold the remaining BI Work! Anyway, that's okay - I just wanted someone to confirm that it was in fact the new BI color and not Cornflower. Alicia already sent me one of them...so I'm hoping it IS in fact Blue India and not Cornflower. I'll update next week when I receive it! :yes:
  12. I'm not sure. It could be brown, which has a slightly gray tone to it. Maybe in the croc leather it looks more gray.
  13. Dang it...I was there on Friday and they've moved the B-bags (again). They didn't have many motorcycle bags on display...I definitely didn't see and BI bags. I'll see if I time to stop by there later today...

    OH and I "tried on" the giant crocodile B-bag while in BalNY last week....I was not impressed. :shrugs: The crocodile made the bag so stiff and bulky...:sad:
  14. ^^^I agree about the croc. bag too E!
  15. Thanks Esiders ... sorry you missed seeing the BI Work ... if that's what it was. :P