NM Shoppers Beware!!!!

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  1. I went to NM today in Short Hills NJ to return something (thats a whole other story). I asked the SA if she had any day bags with RH. She says sure, I will go get what we have. She brings out a few (for those of you who are interested they had Sapin, Emerald, Black, and two french blue), plus the one I got (again, different story). Anyway, the SA then says to me, "we also have a pretty red city". Well, I didn't ask for red, or a city, but ok, sure, I'll check it out. :shrugs: Well, she comes around the corner with what looked like a gorgeous, thick, matte whiskey orange colored city. I pulled out the tags, it was 2006 Rouille, however, clearly the bag had been treated because it was super matte and just had a broken in look. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the tag was scribbled on with a pen, the corners had a slight bit of dirt and the handles were clearly warmed underneath. Augh!! They were trying to pawn a used bag off on me!!!!! :cursing: Even the inside had hair in it. :nuts: I almost thought since I didn't ask to see that style that perhaps I looked like an easy target and they were intentionally trying to unload it on me?? :confused1: I mentioned that the bag looked used and she of course assured me it was not. It was too hot to argue so I just let it go. Anyway, just thought I would pass that along as a word of caution. Funny thing is, if it was offered as used, at a significant discount, I may have bought it, because it was HOT!! :graucho:
  2. That's just gross. HAIR inside?? And how dishonest of her to insist that it wasn't used. NM says that they will accept returns of slightly used bags in saleable condition...but pen marks, signs of wear, warmed handles, etc do not constitute "saleable" in my book!
  3. ugh, gross - a hair on it! that is terrible, but fixable :graucho: was it on sale? maybe if you pointed out the signs of use, you could have gotten it on the cheap!
  4. Nope, she denied it was even used?!?!? On any other day, I would have fought about it. I just didn't have it in me today :shrugs: Hmm....Maybe I'll go back and offer $500?!!? :roflmfao:
  5. maybe speak to the manager next time - if you really want it! can't deny those pen marks, right? :wtf:
  6. Oh, that would tick me off too. But if you really like it, maybe call the manager to discuss it. I doubt the SA would have the authority to discount it.
  7. pen marks? I say make an arguement and get it discounted. There is one in auction right now for the retail price I believe. I would go back to NM and make your point and get them drop the price. If it isnt used, just has signs of handling, well they should handle their inventory better, discount for you!!!

    thanks for the update too. Did you spot any GH bags? Looking for sandstone day and a acqua brief, no luck.
  8. I've tried the ole "argue for a discount due to defect/wear issues" at NM SF....to no avail. There was a bag that I REALLY wanted, but all of the tassels were split AND it was missing the extra packet of tassels! They completely refused to adjust the price.
  9. OMG! I didn't realize they would accept a return showing visable use?!:sweatdrop: That's scary!
  10. That's DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!:throwup:
  11. OMG!!!! They had a Gorgeous Aqua GH brief!!! I had it in my hand. It was stunning!!! :yahoo::yahoo: Go get it! NM # 973-912-0080
  12. What the heck was the S/A looking at?!?! He/she obviously didn't look too hard at the bag!! Yikes!
  13. How gross!!! But thank you so much for the list of bags. I am having a French Blue shipped to the NM in my area to check it out!

  14. i think, $500 is too much offer for that condition. talk to the manager and tell the situation (SA tried to pass on a used bag to you), offer 90-75% off retail (gauge the manager's disposition)...its the same as buying in last call (where it should belong at the first place). if you really like it....offer 60% off tops!
  15. i would talk to the manager too!