NM shipping question

  1. Hey girls,

    I have a question about NM's shipping. What FedEx shipping service (Priority, Economy, or Ground) does NM use for International orders? I'm from Toronto, Canada and I ordered from the NM Troy store on April 1. My SA still hasn't been able to get a tracking # for my package yet.

    I'm asking because I want(NEED) to use this bag next Friday (April 13) for a wedding that I'm attending.

    Also, does the Canada Post deliver the package once it gets into Canada? Or will FedEx continue to deliver the package to my home?

    I'm having an anxiety attack since the necklace I purchased online for the wedding still hasn't arrived either. That means I might need to do some frenzy last minute shopping to prepare for the wedding.

    Thanks for your help ladies.
  2. It could be held up in customs. I had a package get stuck there for 4 weeks once, though I have no idea why. I was sending from Michigan to Canada.
  3. it's only a four hour drive from the store to my home, i really hope i get this bag on time
  4. FedEx is usually Priority. But the question about whether you will get it or not will depend on Customs (which has no set period for holding a package -- because when I have shipped things, packages have been held anytime from 2 days to 2 weeks)