Nm Shipping Method - Handbag Problem!

  1. Sorry, this will be lengthy.

    Ive been looking for a Chanel Patent Blush Flap for the longest time. Finally, found it, ordered it then later decided that altho it is my HG, I currently do not have enough funds and should not get it (save myself from debt) so as I was going to call to cancel the order, an SA from NM King of Prussia called and asked if i was aware that there is a pen mark on the bag. I told her that the SA that helped me did not notify me of that at all, so of course, I told her to cancel the order immediately. (FYI - I live in San Francisco, but the store that had it is in King of Prussia, PA) So a couple of days later, I check my AMEX statment and Ive been charged!!!! I immediately called the SA that told me that shed cancel the order but she told me it has already been shipped out and that I should just look at the bag to see if I still want it or not. Now, here's the problem - it's been over a week (the first SA shipped it ground shipping, I suppose) and ITS NOT HERE!!! I just dropped by a NM today to ask about how it works and they told me that ground shipping, the box is just dropped off - no signature required!! I"M SO WORRIED! I work everyday so it is extremely hard to catch when the Fedex guy comes..and now..what do i do!? I cancelled the order and it's shipped!! ARGH!!! Is it possible that it went missing? someone took it? I'm freaking out!!
  2. Don't worry yet. When I order from them they always say give it atleast 10 days
  3. I wouldn't worry. If they shiped with no sig required and it doesn't show up, it's their problem, not yours. If they give you a hard time, just call Amex. They are awesome about backing up their customers. You won't have to pay for it.
  4. Call...ask for the tracking number..ask to speak to the manager .....I despise the K OF P NM bag SA's.They are so sneaky.UGH.Make sure it was actually shipped.check the tracking,then ask to speak to the SA's manager.
  5. ^ITA, I was going to also suggest you call and get the tracking #.
  6. Don't worry, sometimes it take a little longer, beside they have a tracking system so it wouldn't get lost.
  7. Any of the SAs there can give you the tracking number, not just the SA who shipped it out. I'd call and ask for that to find out where your package it. And if you're not home to get it, you can call fedex and arrange to have them deliver on saturday, or hold it at their fedex location for you go go pick it up. Of course, if it goes missing, it's NM's problem, but I'd still try to arrange with fedex so I can get it safely vs. dealing with NM about a missing package.
  8. I would call AMEX right now and dispute the charge. It doesn't matter to me if the bag was shipped or not, you called to cancel the order but instead they still charged and shipped the bag to you.
  9. actually, NM does NOT give out tracking number. they will track it for you but refuse to give you the tracking number...And from my own experience....because the SA didn't tell me signature is not required and they didn't specify whether I want signature requirement...the fedex guys left my 2 packages from NM two days in a row and both chanel bags got STOLEN at my door step! They eventually refunded $$ to me, but I was treated so badly even got yelled at by this one guy from the Lost Prevention Dept. I swear I try to avoid buying from NM the best I can after this hassel....
  10. NM will give out tracking numbers; I got them all the time when purchasing big ticket items. I didn't even ask my s/a to get one for me; I simply called the store, requested the operator to connect me to the shipping department, and asked for the tracking number for my package. It's my money and I make sure I get what I want.

    If the package does arrive and you're still not interested, I would contact the manager of the handbag department and request they send Fedex to pick it up from you at their cost. They can issue a call tag. No way should you be responsible for return shipping for 1) an order they were supposed to cancel, and 2) an expensive bag with a pen mark.

    Another thought: If you do receive it and would like to keep it and try to remove the mark yourself, ask for a discount. NM once discounted a Chloe Paddington bag 10% for me because there was a scratch on the lock.
  11. Thank you everyone for all the info. I will contact NM KOP tomorrow and keep you updated. I honestly really did not want the bag after I found out about the pen mark... I'm extremely disappointed that the SA did not mention to me about the price of shipping, signature requirement..nothing. and then when the second SA called, i trusted that she would cancel the order for me. *sighs* AND the price of the bag was not what I thought it would be (but b/c its HG, i really didnt mind at that time) but the thing is - Ive talked to various SAs and ive constantly asked them to locate the bag for me and they had told me it was $1795 but for the KOP they charged $2150 not including tax. Previously, I talked to two handbag managers in the bay area about SAs not returning my phone call..that i was extremely diappointed in their service..etc etc. I had to call every single NM to locate the bag (im sure a lot of you do that too..) and honestly it sucks to even have the chance to get the bag and go through all this trouble. I'm so sorry for venting :sad: Hopefully the bag is coming...or the charge is deducted from my CC.
  12. UPDATE!
    So I called three times - first time the shipping dept werent open, second time they were closed (time difference) and the third time, i got ahold of the tracking number and it turns out it should arrive this friday. but what makes me mad is i found out that i cancelled the order on a TUESDAY and it was shipped out on THURSDAY. that means the SA had enough time to stop the order but she didn't anyway AND then i had to find out on my own that it was not cancelled and was charged on my card...now im trying to work around my work schedule to pick up the package at Fedex and then having to go to NM to return the bag..what a hassle...BAH!
  13. What? So the SA was lying!!! Definitely need to complaint this to her manager! That is not the way to do business!

    I am glad to hear that the package has not been delivered to you. I have heard about horrible stories about delivery guy just dropping packages in the doorway without signatures. hikarupanda---Sorry to know you lost your Chanel babies. I was fortunate last Sunday. When I got back from a short trip, I found the Gucci bag I bought from Saks was left at the door on Saturday and was miraclly still there! You know, my neighbor lost her packages just because she was 10 minutes later than the delivery guy!
  14. I'd definitely call AmEx and dispute the charge. They are great about working with you on that kind of thing.
  15. They either change their policy or the policy varies depending on the store. The Vegas NM refused to give me the tracking number even though I kept asking for it, and it was an expensive chanel bag purchase.