NM SFO Chanel goodies!

  1. My SA Christine called me and has these beauties on hold in case any of you are interested...

    jumbo 2.55 2005 anniversary bag in white with silver hardware:nuts:($2090)
    Large black patent reissue with gold hardware ($2195)

    Other non-Chanel goodies...
    Fendi spy in black patent
    Marni bubble bag in black ($1350)

    Call Christine at (415) 362-3900 and ask for the handbags dept.;)
  2. Hi Tod! How much is the fendi spy in blabk patent?
  3. $2,270 if I remember correctly:smile:
  4. thanks. my heart belongs to chanel but i do like the fendi spy (have it in white). was the patent nice? tried to search online but cant find a picture of it.
  5. I havent seen it live but am sure Christine can send you a picture if you call and ask her to...I imagine it to be gorgeous though!
  6. thanks a lot tod. will give her a call.
  7. no prob...:smile: