NM & SFA Sale Websites: How often updated?

Ladies - I posted this on the regular forum and no one seems to know the answer.
It is sale time. How often are the NM and SFA sale websites updated to reflect sold out, price reductions, in stock again? In other words: how often should I check the websales for new information: every 24 hours? every 8 hours? every 12 hours?
Some computer nerd has got to know this answer. Or, maybe you just know! Thanks!


Dec 14, 2006
West Michigan
The NM website updates every 15 minutes with new inventory if something is returned and added back into stock. However if you purchase something and it is the last one it should update that the item is no longer available once you checkout.


Aug 14, 2006
How very true! And they can be snapped up as soon as they're put on. Both exciting and frustrating. Thus, is the life of the thrifty shopper.
Sep 19, 2006
Orange County, Cali
yes - Definately must put everything in "shopping bag" while deciding!

Items in your "cart" can still be purchased by other shoppers until you checkout. I have had items I kept in my cart for 20 mins while I browsed during the sale that dissappeared with the message "the item was removed because it was no longer available" when I returned to checkout ie: someone bought the last one! Also, if you checkout with the last item around the same time as another shopper with the same item does, the site inventory probably won't be able to keep up, and one of you is going to recieve a message that your order was canceled within the next few days (even after you recieved an order confirmation). THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME and many other people here at TPF several times. The only way you know your order has gone through FOR SURE is when once you recieve the shipping confirmation. It can be a real nail biter, which is why I no longer shop NM online during sale season. I can't stand the dissapointment! I'd rather go in-store...