NM SF STock (Or what I recall of it)

  1. This is what I recall from when I was there today, I was really distracted and don't remember much.

    Tomato First
    Tomato Hobo w/GH
    Tomato City with SGH
    LE NM Anniversary City w/ gunmetal GH
    Twiggy (looked like a dark truffle color)
    First and City (Looked like Cornflower Blue)
    White First
    First (looked like Emerald)
    Black Matelasse
    Matelasse clutches (black and sienna)
    City, looked like a cream color, natural?

    Sorry for the bad descriptions, I was really distracted and had a bad headache.
  2. Was just there this afternoon, I bought a Sienna RH Brief. There are also White and Black RH Briefs. Sapin Day. The City listed above is Mastic, there was also a WE in Mastic.