NM SF Stock as of 12/22/07

  1. Hey lovelies. I froze my ass off in the City today and somehow managed to make it over to NM to scope the bbags out.

    There is no spy pic this time (sorry ladies!) as this one SA was stalking the crap outta me.

    Magenta - SGH City, City, First
    BG - City, First and perhaps a PT
    Sahara - SGH City (beautiful! like Vanilla Bean ice cream)
    Vert Thyme - First
    White - First
    Sapin - City
    Forest - GH hobo

    There were plenty more, but these were the only ones that caught my eye. There was a Caramel looking colored First - think it was a Camel~ but even the leather on this was dry.

    I must say, I'm disappointed in the 08 leathers thus far. :tdown: The "best" of the leathers there was on the Sahara GSH City and if I had to pick a pink, the BG First had "okay" leather.
  2. Hey RERE, can you tell me about the BG bags? Were they all about the same color, or are some lighter than others? I rec'd a City from NM yesterday, but it seems darker than I expected. tia! :heart:
  3. I have a BG City and its very light you could always send it back and get them to choose one which looks lighter, good luck Merry Christmas!
  4. That is my biggest fear -- 2008 leahter is downgraded from 2007. Oh, no.....
  5. I saw a number of the '08 bags at the Houston NM, and was not impressed by the leather. All of them looked dry and crackled. The colors on both the Bubblegum and Magenta were uneven (it had looked as though the dye didn't get into all the nooks and crannies). My overall impression was 'uggh' :throwup:!
  6. Hey girl,

    The BG bags they had were the only ones since all the others have been sold. I have a feeling these were left behind for a reason. The leather was TOO textured, and as ceejay says; looks like the dye didnt get in all the way? Even after some breaking in, I feel that it'd look the same. Not pretty.

    The ONLY BG bag I would even consider getting would be the first. The First's color was more even then the City's, but still wasn't all that. The BG City was alright, it needed moisturizing but at least it wasn't as bad as the Magenta City. Colorwise: it was a smidgen lighter than the other BG's.

    You sure your SA didn't send you a Magenta instead?

  7. thanks girl for the report! i feel the same way about the 08 leather too. well...at least the ones i have seen so far.
  8. Thanks. I agree with you that 08 leather looks dry.