NM SF sale stock

  1. OMG! i saw some moto pony hair at NM SF yesterday on sale for low 500$! they have the brown pony work and day, and a gorgeous blue pony first. They also a couple of black small whistle bags, thick gorgeous leather, low 500s (sorry cant remember exactly how much, around 520-ish, really good deal!!!)... i was a little sad not to get anything, but i just bought an LV bag :sad:
  2. Hey Tamy, thanks!
    How big are the small whistle bags? I'm having a difficult time figuring out their size. I've been eyeing this bag for a while.
    Were there any pony hair shoulders or makeups? I'm also looking for one of those...
  3. the small whistle is sized sort of like the box... nope no other stuff in there, just a couple of the black whistles, 1blue pony first, and i believe a couple of brown pony works and days
  4. How much was the brown pony work? Was it the orange with brown color? Or was it some other combination?

    Thanks for posting this!
  5. I ordered the small black whistle... THIS IS MY FIRST B-BAG AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    I'll share photos when it arrives. It was on final sale for $520.

    Also there's a new SA Lindsay (Lindsey?) who helped me in Christine's absence-she is super nice!
  6. Congrats echoluster!!!!! Will Lindsay send pictures if I ask?
  7. I didn't ask, so I don't know, zacorey. She was extremely helpful though, so I'm sure she would help you in any way she could.
  8. I was there yest.I didnt see any pony bags. Just some whistle bags thrown on 2 tables. No one was even looking or buying them...
  9. Questions...
    First, what is a whistle bag?
    Second, how does the pony compare to the leather... in terms of smooshiness and texture and all the thing that we looooove about Balenciaga?
    And finally... when did it happen that we would see a $500 price tag on a purse and think, "Oh wow, a bargain!":nuts:
  10. This is the whistle bag I purchased. It also comes in another shape.

    I don't know about the pony hair leather comparison.

    Also... designer handbags have only been on my radar for about 6 months. During that time I have conditioned myself for a completely different pricing bracket, where $300-$600 is a great steal, $600-$1000 is well-priced, and over $1000 is full retail or not that great of a sale. Surprisingly, this adjustment was easy.
  11. Lindsey is the intern/assisant. :smile: I'm sorry I wasn't able to help but I'm glad she was able to help you!
  12. i missed the sale. was at the online store? sighhh i want oneeeee... :sos: