NM SF Balenciaga Report w/ Pics

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I popped into the NM in SF and no SA or other people were around when I walked up to the Balenciaga section so I snapped some pics with my camera phone. Hopefully this will help anyone who is looking to buy any summer bags and/or get additional color references. The caramel work sitting behind the reddish orange twiggy might have been snapped up by now. When I came back down the handbag dept, someone was looking at it with the SA. They had hook bags and some other styles but I didn't take pics of those. Hope this helps someone!

    Pic 1: reddish orange twiggy, caramel work (behind it)
    Pic 2: Ink box, black city
    Pic 3: Cornflower twiggy & work, black twiggy
    Pic 4: Emerald work

    nmsf01.jpg nmsf02.jpg nmsf03.jpg nmsf04.jpg
  2. Thanks so much for the report and the pics!
  3. Nice! That red-orange twiggy is pretty! Thank you for the report :nuts:
  4. How cute are you with the spy pics!!?? :biggrin::lol:
    Love it. Thanks
    PS: you and your phone take good pix
  5. Great report, Agent Murasaki! :amuse:
  6. Wow great job! (your cell phone takes awesome pics)

    The SF NM is where I fell in love with the cornflower city. I went around closing time, so it was all squished into one little shelf.. and I wanted to walk out with it so bad!!! hehe

    hopefully in two weeks, that cornflower twiggy will be gone and in my hands!!! =D
  7. lol i love the pics... rust twiggy!
  8. thank you for the pics! nice work haha :biggrin:
  9. thanks for the report and the pictures, thanks for sharing.
  10. NICE WORK! :P
    This gets me more and more in love with the cornflower though... Oh no... Maybe I'll walk by one day after work... (though I want the city!! uhhh)
  11. Great pics! Thanks for thinking of us and sharing the info!
  12. You're welcome, all! :biggrin:

    Agent Murasaki... I like that ;)

    That caramel is actually camel... been calling it the wrong name!

    Now to go post one pic in the chloe thread...
  13. Thanks so much for going "deep cover" in NM. That is just too funny! The photos are great and the bags are stunning. I have the theme to Mission Impossible running thru my head now......... :smile:
  14. your cell phone camera rocks and thanks for the pictures! I guess the red-orange twiggy is the rust color? I saw one in a hobo shape here in the HK bal store, but was unsure.. it was almost red.
  15. Wow, thanks for your efforts! Lol, very ingenious;) Love the rust orange twiggy!