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NM SF Balenciaga Report w/ Pics


Balenciaga Forever
Jan 7, 2006
Hi everyone!

I popped into the NM in SF and no SA or other people were around when I walked up to the Balenciaga section so I snapped some pics with my camera phone. Hopefully this will help anyone who is looking to buy any summer bags and/or get additional color references. The caramel work sitting behind the reddish orange twiggy might have been snapped up by now. When I came back down the handbag dept, someone was looking at it with the SA. They had hook bags and some other styles but I didn't take pics of those. Hope this helps someone!

Pic 1: reddish orange twiggy, caramel work (behind it)
Pic 2: Ink box, black city
Pic 3: Cornflower twiggy & work, black twiggy
Pic 4: Emerald work

nmsf01.jpg nmsf02.jpg nmsf03.jpg nmsf04.jpg


Dec 2, 2005
Wow great job! (your cell phone takes awesome pics)

The SF NM is where I fell in love with the cornflower city. I went around closing time, so it was all squished into one little shelf.. and I wanted to walk out with it so bad!!! hehe

hopefully in two weeks, that cornflower twiggy will be gone and in my hands!!! =D