NM sent me sale shoes that were already worn!

  1. Ugh. I am so mad, so I was all excited that I found these fabulous red croc manolo blahnik's on sale, only to open the box from NM and find out that the had to have been worn, the shoes on the soles have dark marks that look like oil or water, and it looks like inserts may have been put in the shoes.:wtf:

    Regardless if they were just worn aroudn the house for "test drive" purses, they are dirty on the bottom and inside! They were obviously returns. I am so bummed. :sad:

    has this happened to any of you before?
  2. wow. that's just bad. I only ordered from NM once a long time ago and the shoes that arrived were new. I nearly never order online so don't have much experience.
  3. :shocked: Wow, that is really bad!! Have you called or emailed? Are you sending them back?
  4. What you could do is ask for 75% off! If its not worth it, then return it! But you should def. call and say something about it! Don't take this lightly! I'm getting angry just thinking about it!! They have to give you that discount because they are worn!
  5. Yeah for sure do what ^^^ said or weasle a BIG discount on your next purchase. That is RIDICULOUS. I had BG once send me a pair of Prada heels that were EXTREMELY damaged. Yet, they didn't do anything except offer to pay for return shipping. Gee thanks. LOL I could have taken it higher probably, but I didn't feel like wasting more time on a pair of shoes that were too big for me anyways. hahahahaha

    I mean seriously, do the people that work in the returns department not even check items anymore? That is just unacceptable.
  6. Yeah, they did offer to "let' me return them on them. How generous. I am going to call back tomorrow and see if I can get some sort of discount. Its just so infuriating, because now I can't get another pair because they were sale shoes, and I love them :sad: but I don't think I should have to pay full sale price because they were used.

    Don't they have anyone checking quality control?
  7. Wow; that is really bad. This is what has always bothered me when I hear of people who return worn shoes...eventually they get sold to someone else.

    Stories like this remind me why I am so grateful for the SAs I get to work with.
  8. same thing happened to me with Shopbop. i called them and they gave me a $15 store credit. it's pretty dishonest of retailers to mark down items because they're used/worn, etc. if it's on sale, it's on sale, NOT because it's used!!
  9. I am starting to think that online sales are a big outlet for reject returns that they would never think to hand to a customer in a store. I ordered a pair of Prada boots from Bergdorf online once. They were on sale. When they arrived and I tried them on. I realized the leather lining in one boot was completely torn. I'm talking a HUGE rip in the leather lining that was about 7 or 8 inches long!!! They did the same to me. They didn't have another pair in my size so they offered to take them back and not charge me the $10 return shipping charge since they were defective. By the way, I had to tell them I would not pay for the shipping. They agreed not to charge me. I have no doubt they would have charged me if I hadn't said anything. Oh, the worst part is that it took FOREVER to get a refund. I had to call SO many times. I got a different story each time I called. I felt like I had to beg them for my money back.
    As convenient as it is I am highly suspicious of online sales.
  10. I have a feeling that they'll give you the "we can't offer you a discount off the sale price because we don't sell defective merchandise" story. I have heard them use this line on shoppers in the store.
  11. Yup, that's exactly what they're going to say :cursing:. I just tried buying 2 different bags from chanel in NM at the KoP mall and every single one of them were USED :mad: and I went through FIVE bags. NM has a lot to teach their SA's about customer service and used (or what I call DEFECTIVE) merchandise. Also, every bag that I wouldn't keep was put back out in the display case to be sold :wtf:. I'll NEVER buy from that chanel counter again!!!!
  12. You should try to get a discount. I once received a bag from BG.com that was bent out of shape because it was not packaged properly and they offered me a 10% discount and they waived the shipping charge. It's worth a try.
  13. I've had used items shipped to me, blatently wrong items sent, etc. I've never been able to get more out of BG and NM than they won't charge shipping and let me return them. Then it take at least a month for the credit. Good luck. I know they're frustrating to deal with....
  14. darn that sucks. I would return ASAP.
  15. Wow! I can't belive this happen at a store like NM! If I were you, I'd return them!