NM secret vault :)

  1. I just love to go to Boston NM every once a while. Not to see what they have in the open window, coz we all know what's for this season. But to check out wut are hidden in those closets below. Because chanel likes their newest bags in display, all the older styles have to be put away. Look what I saw yesterday. I asked my SA to open those little secret closets, and there you go, all the old cambon styles, black w/ white cc, not to mentions several mini reporters. :graucho: Gosh, I wonder if other nm do the same thing.

    So did you find anything interesting in your nm secret vault?
  2. wow how cool. no idea such cloests existed.
  3. I'm certain all Chanel stores do it, whether it's NM, Saks the boutiques. . .
    there's just not enough room!
    I LOVE seeing what I haven't seen in a while!:biggrin:
  4. Yup Saks does it too- they put new styles in other colors than what is on display in there too.
  5. A lot of times random SA's act like that's all they have and when I ask about certain items, they always pull something out of a closet:woohoo: