NM Scottsdale Stock

  1. I was at Nm Scottsdale today and they had:

    *3 gorgeous leather Blue India Days
    *Gorgeous Vermillion Day, normal HW
    *2 Marine Days, not so great leather, a bit crinkly and rough, normal HW
    * ALOT of Truffle in all styles, normal HW
    *Natural Day and Briefs with big HW
    *Cornflower work and Bordeau work, very distressed (both bags were there when I went there in August too)
    *Black Twiggy, Part Time and Briefs, normal HW
    *Ink Box (leather was just okay)
    *Marine First (incredible leather)
    *Whistle bags with Rose gold HW, gorgeous in Blue and Black and Ivory.
    *Grass green (or whatever) with normal and big HW
    *3 money wallets in Rouge, Black and Truffle
    * Many bags in all size in a caramel sort of color, never saw it before

    I bought a Cafe City with normal hardware. Amazing leather! LOVE it!
  2. Congrats on your first Arizona acquisition! Pictures please :smile:
  3. Thanks Donna - I will be hitting NM Denver this Thursday and am hoping to see some of the new colors. :smile:
  4. Donna, thanks for the info. I would love to see some pics of the cafe too, since that is a color I have been considering lately.