NM San Franisco Union Square SS08 Bags in Stock

  1. Bubblegum
    City RH
    First RH
    Work RH

    City RH
    First RH

    "Seafoam green" (Skyblue??)
    City RH

    "Lime green" (Thyme??)
    City RH

    Ask for Peggy :tup: 415 362 3900

    btw: all in agneau/lamb leather
  2. Thanks. I snagged one of them. I am still on the fence about this color and whether I want a city or a first but I figured at least I can return easily from NM if I change my mind whereas, it is sooo hard at BNY and AR.
  3. Oooooh what did you get Allisonfaye? Pale Magenta? :yes:
  4. Bubblegum w/ rh.
  5. OMG seafoam and apple green? Hehe. ;) Hey, the did get two out of two right.
  6. OOOH! I will be in SF on Dec. 22nd. I'm sure nothing will be left, but I can hope!
  7. It figures! I was there last weekend and they didn't have anything new. I guess I will have to drive all the way back to check these out. Thanks for posting!
  8. i wish i lived in america! bbags are so much easier to come by and so much cheaper ....
  9. **** thinks about it..... sells wordly belongs, except bbags, moves to usa and starts shopping!**
  10. If I did not just purchase 4 bags, I would for sure get the bubblegum city.