NM San Francisco Stock!

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  1. So I called my SA today on her cell and left her a message and expected her to call me back tomorrow(Thursday) when she's working since today's her day off--but what a surprise! She called me from her home on her day off! She's such a sweetheart! Anyways, she gave me the following list as their current stock--

    Vert D'eau City RH
    Marine Work RH
    Vert Fonce City RH
    Bubblegum PT GGH
    Bubblegum City GGH
    Sky Blue City RH
    EB City RH
    Sky Blue City SGH

    Her name is MIHAELA and the number to NM San Fran is 415-362-3900--and her station is the Balenciaga boutique!
  2. Thanks for the update - I'm looking for a Work - can decide what color - I may have to zip into the City on Sat!!