NM San Diego Sale

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  1. I stopped by NM Fashion Valley earlier today to see what was available for pre-sale.

    -Pink caviar bowler
    -Silver pochette with CCs on the side
    -Purple souple? It's like the one posted in other sale threads but slightly different
    -Silver cloudy bundle type bowler. I think this was the small handheld one? I was hoping for the larger size but it is reallyy nice and super soft!
    -Mademoiselle in light green - camera bag, tote, clutch, and another bag bigger than the camera bag
    -Black and white evening type bag
    -White evening type bag

    And not on sale, they had basically everyy bag in black! So if you want something in black, I'm sure they'd have it right now :smile:

    Hope that helps!
  2. tks for the update...what's this silver pouchette with CCs on the side? what ligne is it from? and how small is this pouchette? tia
  3. tks, the color is very pretty
  4. NM in San Antonio has a few Chanel pieces left as well
  5. how much is the pink caviar bowler? i'm thinking about getting it..its priced at $836 here and i put it on hold..
  6. OMG, someone should snap up that silver CC pochette. I have it and I LOVE it... fits a good amount (similar to my e/w's, and the color is a beautiful subtle metallic)! :smile:
  7. the price is $836. I bought it and i don't have to pay tax:yahoo:
  8. Do you happen to have a pic of the caviar bowler mylilsnowy? Was it a small size one?
  9. Ohh the pink Caviar bowler is so cute. A got to have for the summer. I love Chanel Caviar. Scratch free. I'll call the store tmr. Hopefully I can get one too. Thanks for showing me the ebay link. By looking at it makes me droooling :smile: and eager to get one. Really?? No tax for u?? How lucky.
  10. IT's adorable!
  11. Do they have the Large Mad. Tote like this one?
    If so, does anybody know how much..

    I am going to call them when they open.. hehe..

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  12. bijouxchic! Are you still holding this pink caviar?? If by any chance you dont want it anymore. Can you please let me have it?? Please PM. TIA
  13. I saw this one in light green at Bloomie SCP just yesterday. Price is around 1600.