NM San Diego Reissue Sightings

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  1. Just wanted to let you 2005 Reissue fans know that I saw two Reissues on display at the NM in San Diego.

    I saw the large (227) in grey with silver hardware and I think what's the medium (226) in black with gold hardware.

    Give the store a call if you want the bag. If you ask for Chanel and wind up going to VM, call back and ask for handbags. Anyone in the department can help you with Chanel bags. I'd recommend Debra or Jason... Their number is 619.692.9100.
  2. I finally got my large reissue (black) and I can't stop looking at it!!!!
  3. Hey wicked when were you there? I'm gonna stop by this Saturday with my mother. We're having a girl's day out. I owe her a Mother's Day gift so we're going shopping. I thought I'd stop by Chanel just to see what they had.:biggrin:
  4. ^^ I just went last night (Tuesday, the 16th) before closing. If you think your mom would be interested in one, you could put it on hold... They were in the corner display case, not super obvious since most people don't look in the corner one because the angle is a little odd.
  5. How much are they?
  6. They're regular price, I imagine. I'm not sure how much the medium one is. But the large was $2090.
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