NM San Antonio Stock Update

  1. The Uptown is finally here!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! The black patent is so sheek and perfect. YSL really knows what they are doing!!! Some other styles to drewl over that arrived...
    *Raspail Tote in black patent
    *Overseas drwstring in black and white leather
    *Overseas drawstring in plack patent
    *Lg Muse in white patent croc
    If anyone wants pics just let me know;)

  2. Can you post a pic of the Raspail tote in black patent? Also do you have the black patent or violet patent Tribute?

  3. I'm in San Antonio, so I'll have to go over there and check the beauties out!!
  4. ooh can't wait to see pics of these beauties IRL - esp the patents!
  5. Here they are... let me know what ya'll think
    IMG_1535 copy.jpg IMG_1536 copy.jpg IMG_1537 copy.jpg IMG_1538 copy.jpg IMG_1539 copy.jpg
  6. thanks so much for posting pics, xostephxo!!! The croc-embossed patent looks amazing
  7. Love the embossed patents. Thanks Steph.
  8. no prob, let me know if there are any ???????
  9. Thanks for posting the pics Steph!
  10. Are you an SA by any chance? If so, you may be able to get me some info. I am interested in a mini downtown. What colors does that come in? Do you have any over there? Also, is the mini muse available and in what colors? Thanks.