NM San Antonio Stock update!!! Surprise!!!

  1. To my surprise NM San Antonio received...
    LBC Tote in black patent
    Small cocos croco in turquoise
    Jumbo Classic in black patent!!!
    Timeless CC clutch in black patent
    Baby coco Cabas in black
    just to name a few
  2. thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for posting, can you post some pictures please!!! Especially the LBC tote in patent. Thanks much!
  4. I'll post pics tonight
  5. what kind of accesories does NM San Antonio has??? Im planning to go next weekend to get my 21st bday gift :smile:
  6. I'm just posting in your thread so you can see my avatar :heart:
  7. FanAddict you are so sweet!!! Here are some pics..
    IMG_0003 copy.jpg IMG_0004 copy.jpg IMG_0005 copy.jpg IMG_0006 copy.jpg IMG_0007 copy.jpg
  8. wow, those bags look *gorgeous*, esp. turquoise one :drool:

    i might get a chance to check those out...i live in LA but on Wednesday i'm going to San Antonio for a week for my wedding. maybe i can convince DH to swing by Neimans... hee hee
  9. Is it just me wishing there was a lamb or even caviar in turquoise? There is something about the stitching on the coco croc line that looks off (besides the price tag) -- maybe because it's not a good enough replication of crocodile to warrant the name. My husband saw some of them in various colors at Tysons while picking up my barfday gift. He said they're pretty dull looking IRL. Only the black one has some sheen.
  10. sweetneet I hope u can come!