*NM San Antonio New Fall Stock*

  1. NM San Antonio received a ton of handbags today:drool:
    *Expandable Lg Hobo in black, dk brown and red
    *Medallion tote in dk burgandy
    *Timeless cc small tote in dk brown
    *Timeless cc lg tote in dk brown and dk burgandy
    *2.55 Pearls
    *Modern chain N/S tote in black shiny caviar
    *More Pocket in the City
    *More Bubble Quilts
    *Cashmere Cross Words
    *New wallets on a chain
    *New Wallets
    Let me know if you all want pics
  2. yes, pics pls!!! and prices too if u know them as well. TIA!!!
  3. Yup, pics please. & How much is 2.55 Pearls? :rolleyes:
  4. Of course we want pictures! :tup::yes:
  5. 2.55 Pearls is $2995
  6. I would like to see a photo of this bag and know the price:

    *Timeless cc lg tote in dk brown
  7. I would love to see prices and photos of the new wallets. Thanks!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. :drool:PICS PICS PICS!:drool:
  9. pics pls!!!!
  10. I'd like to see pics of the new wallets please!!
  11. yes, pics are always useful
  12. i third the request for pics of the new wallets.
  13. :cutesy:Pictures pretty please of all - more to dream about.
  14. yes, i want to see pics...
  15. Haha, so some NM's are getting the brown caviar GST, and other's aren't (mine isn't apparently)... so strange. I can't wait to get mine! :smile: