**NM San Antonio New Fall Stock August**

  1. NM San Antonio received some great handbags this morning, I can't decide what to buy:drool:.........

    *Astrakan Med Bowler
    *Astrakan sm classic
    *Le Marais classic (Love this bag)
    *Modern chain N/S tote
    *Shiny wallets on a chain in black and brown
    *expandable Lg drawstring, black, dk brown and ivory
    *Le Marais med Bowler
    If anyone would like pics of a particular handbag I can post if you would like:drool:
  2. Can you please post pics of Le Marais? Thanks!
  3. Please show us the ivory expandable!!!!!
  4. Show the shiny wallets on a chain please! Thanks and how much
  5. I would love to see the Le Marais
  6. shiny wallets with chain please!!
  7. I guess it will save you more time just to post them all, haha~~ Thanks for sharing this great info!!!!
  8. yesss pls post pix. I'm on the waitlist for le marais though i never saw it in person so I'd love to see your pix!
  9. would love to see the shiny wallets also!:smile:
  10. I want to see them ALL!
  11. ^ ditto!
  12. do you have a particular SA you use...i might call them...
  13. i want to see pics too
  14. can i see a pic of the astrakan bowler and le marais bowler? thanks!!!
  15. never heard of la marais... sounds interesting.

    how do you pronounce it? i don't want to call a boutique and then totally mess up the name!